Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gender is FLOSSIble? Good news from Uganda...

Milton Aineruhanga <> informs us that after the recent Africa Source 2 event (see their mailing list at ) the Linux Chix Africa- Uganda chapter was born.

Milton writes: "It is now in existence and is seeking membership from women in Uganda. The targeted audience is decision makers, end users as well as women computer technicians. The primary focus of Linux Chix Africa- Uganda chapter will be FOSS [Free/Libre and Open Source Software] and women in Uganda. The chapter seeks to advocate for the use of FOSS by women at all levels i.e. both the urban and the rural woman.

For more information about Linux Chix Africa, visit:

Maybe we in South Asia should try and promote the formation of LinuxChix chapters in Indian states too. I would love to see one happen in Goa (and am willing to help, without interfering!). But there are so few potential members I can think of!


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