Friday, March 03, 2006

FLOSS parallel database project...

Sharad Maloo, maloo at, is a Dual Degree (B.Tech. plus M.Tech.) student at IIT Bombay. Says he: "I will be working on the project titled Open Source Parallel Database. See details of this at this URL:

Maloo explains: "The project will try to build an open-source parallel database, by extending PostgreSQL using a Shared Nothing (SN) architecture. Parallel database is a paradigm where the database is distributed across multiple servers which have to communicate with each other in responding to user queries and in executing transactions. If multiple such servers are integrated into a single cluster of nodes such that the entire cluster offers a "single system" image to the number of clients connected to such a cluster, and if a single logical database is implemented on such a cluster with each node storing a predefined segment of database and a single query issued to this database is handled by breaking the same into multiple sub-queries issued to individual nodes, then we have a "parallel database system"."


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